Monday, 10 August 2015

Gotta do that classic pose, why doesn't it look tilted in these photos!!!

It's k, looks tilted in this one

Top- | Shorts-TKMax | Shoes- New Look | Hat- Primark | Sunglasses- Espirt

So I had no idea that we we're visiting the Leaning Tower of Pisa! Until the day before, and got hella excited! 

Leaning Tower of Pisa : 

It was so cool! How a building that big, actually tilted! Afterwards we went and visited Florence and it's just as beautiful in real life as in the films! 
I wore these grid patterned shorts, and matched it with a cross crop top. I am in love with my shorts, and can you believe I got it for £5?! 
I am in a black and white phrase by the way just warning you...

With lots of love,

(P.s. I couldn't walk around Rome in heels!)

Dress- Zara | Shoes- New Look | Flats- New Look

Ma Birthday outfit! I love how elegant and classy this dress is, and the silhouette is very flattering! I spent my 19th birthday in the beautiful city of Rome! I got to walk around and visit some of Rome's famous landmarks, although it was 40 degrees! It was super hot! 

Another year has passed, and I'm a year older. I thank God for all the blessing he has given me throughout the year, new friendships, new beginnings and new experiences!
 Cheers to another year full of fun and laughs! 

With lots of love,

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Blouse-H&M | Skirt- Gap | Heels- New Look

So I was going through my mum's clothes looking for my top and I found this gorgeous midi denim skirt and I felt like I won the lottery haha! Only because I have been eyeing at a skirt like this at Zara for ages now and now I have one exactly like it for free! Damn my mum is way ahead of the trend!

I decided to pair it with this off the shoulder top because I think it makes the outfit look more feminine, especially with these heels as well! 

7 more days till I go on holiday! Finally my blog is going on an adventure because I'll be blogging my holiday! Super excited! 

With lots of love, 

Friday, 1 May 2015

Turtle Neck- Mum's amazing closet (literally) | Skirt- Forever21 | Boots- Dorothy Perkins

I think this outfit explains visually my style right now. I know a lot of you have probably noticed my changed of style. Many of you are wondering where's the pink, where's the baby blue, where's the florals (even if it's winter lolz). What happened to the blog theme?! haha. My simple answer is, I've changed. Not in a bad way, but I've matured. Going to uni, I've had to learn how to cook for myself, do my own laundry, do my own shopping (sadly food shopping, as a uni student I am too poor to shop haha). Doing these things made me grow up, and so developing in my style growing up too.

Don't get my wrong I still love pink, and all things girly, you should see my uni room + cutlery haha. In the summer I'll probably get out my florals for y'all. But for now, I'm just going with what I want to wear each morning, with what makes me comfortable. My style changes everyday, because I love trying out different looks. 

So tomorrow it could be completely different, but I think that's exciting! 

With lots of love,

Top- Newlook | Skirt- Bershcha | Denim Jacket- Topshop | Shoes- Bank 

My blog title sounds rather depressing hahaha, but I thought it seemed cool because of the background of the photos haha. Today I wore this black skirt which I think really flatters my body (come on when it comes to picking out clothes, you gotta pick the one that flatters your body, because what other reason do I have for paying £25 a month for the gym *inserts girl with her hand out emoji* hahaha), I just love the flare of the skirt. Denim jackets are a life saver if you are in a rush, it looks good with just about anything. 
Today I actually worked on my fashion portfolio, I finally got the time to edit and upload all my work. I've been meaning to do this for a long time now, so here it is! The reason for my absence from blogging for 6 months... haha! 

With lots of love, 

Photography by Jake Pearce 

Friday, 24 April 2015

Jeans - Guess Jeans | Shirt- River Island | Shoes- Dorothy Perkins

My Last post was in November 2014... WOW! This year has gone so quick and my schedule has been so packed, so I never had the time to update! I had to work very hard with my study this year because I was working on my portfolio to show Universities. At the moment I study an art foundation at University for the creative arts, and I have now been offered a place to study at London College of Fashion to do my BA in Fashion Design: Womenswear! So unbelievably happy! 

Anyways, about this outfit, I am in love with these jeans. I think I actually lived in these jeans throughout the winter haha! Normally I would pair it with a turtle neck, but today I paired it with a denim shirt. Denim on Denim. Being a bad ass and breaking the rules ooo haha. But who cares about the rules, it's actually quite fun to break them and create you're own rules when it comes to fashion. 

Lot of love,