Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Styling My Lace Midi Skirt

Denim Crop Top- Charity Shop | Skirt-Primark | Boots-Ebay 

I've had this denim crop top for about a year now and I can never find an outfit with it. It was just one of those tops that you absolutely love but can't find the perfect outfit for. So when I paired it with this skirt something magically happened haha, I felt like cupid hahaha! I actually styled the skirt by shortening the inner fabric (literally just folded the fabric in) which made the fabric inside a mini skirt. I think it makes the skirt look different, it's not just one of those plain, midi, lace skirts. Plus I like the contrast between the short and long skirt. 

P.s I love how the ducks are featured in my photos! Theres me posing in front of these ducks just causally swimming around hahaha! I think I'm the only one that finds that funny... 

With lots of love,

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