Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Styling My Lace Midi Skirt

Denim Crop Top- Charity Shop | Skirt-Primark | Boots-Ebay 

I've had this denim crop top for about a year now and I can never find an outfit with it. It was just one of those tops that you absolutely love but can't find the perfect outfit for. So when I paired it with this skirt something magically happened haha, I felt like cupid hahaha! I actually styled the skirt by shortening the inner fabric (literally just folded the fabric in) which made the fabric inside a mini skirt. I think it makes the skirt look different, it's not just one of those plain, midi, lace skirts. Plus I like the contrast between the short and long skirt. 

P.s I love how the ducks are featured in my photos! Theres me posing in front of these ducks just causally swimming around hahaha! I think I'm the only one that finds that funny... 

With lots of love,

Friday, 10 October 2014

Reminiscing The Summer!

Shorts-Primark | Shoes-Ebay | Top/Bustier-Forever 21 | Kimono-DIY

So just as I was on the roll and was going to start upload my daily outfits on my blog again, my Mac decides to break! Talk about wrong timing! However, that doesn't stop me from continuing blogging now that it's fixed! Hopefully I'll be blogging daily! This outfit is from the summer, a outfit that I never got to share with you guys. I'm wearing neutral colours that I think compliment each other really well! I think my heels add more a sophisticated look to my outfit. 

I love my top/bustier, my mum bought it for me when she came back from America this June. She definitely knows my style haha! Off course to finish off my outfit I wore my DIY kimono! 

With lots of love,