Saturday, 8 February 2014

Inner Wear As Outer Wear

Bralet-Charity Shop | Sheer Top- Primark | Pencil Skirt- Miss Selfridge | Shoes- Next

So James has a bike! Haha I kind of find these pictures of me on the bike funny, but they actually turned out better than expected! I would normally wear my bralet inside the sheer top but I felt like changing it up a little so I wore the bralet over it, hence the title haha! I really like the high low design of the top I think it draped around my skirt really well, and wearing the bralet over also created a peplum effect on the garment underneath. 

I'm so annoyed that this post is late somehow my internet was down for a couple of days so I couldn't post it! I'll definitely try to keep my blog post up to date! Talk to you next time lovelies! 

With loves of love, 


  1. these photos are gorgeous!!


  2. I love how fun these photos are! And the outfit is just gorgeous, I love it<3

    Warm Wishes,
    Preeti G.