Thursday, 19 December 2013

Different Shades Of Autumn

Blouse- Primark | Shorts- Miss Selfridge |  Fur Vest- Charity Shop
 | Shoes- Unknown ( Given to me by a fashionable Tita)|
I know the title says autumn when in fact it's winter, but I couldn't think of a blog post name haha! One busy week over, another one to go! My week: Coursework + work= No sleep! That's why I've been a bit behind with blogging! However, it's nearly Christmas! Are you guys excited?! To be honest, I just wanna sleep on Christmas day haha! It's the time of the year when I really miss all my family, I would do anything to go back and spend Christmas with them! If you are spending Christmas with all your family you're so lucky! Never forget how grateful you are to have them around! :)

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