Tuesday, 5 November 2013

From Floral To Fall

Turning floral dresses to suit the autumn weather by putting a knitted jumper on top them! 

But my knitted jumper is quite long and I wanted it to have a "crop top" effect. So I just tucked it under a belt and pulled the jumper over the belt so you couldn't see it! 

Hahaha funny story, I tripped up whilst walking to take these photos and broke the front of my boots! Poor boots having to suffer because of my clumsiness!

I'm wearing my DIY frilly socks! Well the lace is detachable so you can turn any sock into frilly socks!
All you do is sew lace trimming on the elastic (the length is your ankle measurement), whilst making sure that you pull the elastic as you are sewing a straight stitch, then sew the two ends together! 

P.s How American is my blog title! I don't even say fall, it just sounds good okay haha!

What I wore-
Denim Dress- Miss Selfridge 
Jumper- Select
Frilly socks- DIY 
Boots- Ebay 

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  1. love that cozy sweater!