Monday, 18 November 2013

My Adorable Tartan Skirt

One thing I absolutely love to do is turning a trendy look into something so girly! I get inspired by almost everything, from passing strangers outfits to the colour of nature during different seasons.

I've seen so many girls wearing tartan skirts, dresses and even trousers (I'm actually in a middle of a DIY pleated tartan shorts, and I'm thinking of recording so I'm able to show you guys how to make it)! 

So when I saw this cute pink tartan skirt I honestly was in love! Instead of the usual tartan colours I have an
 adorable pink one! 

I wanted to give it a winter look so I wore my super warm knee high socks. I also paired it with a jumper and here are two different ways I would wear tartan skirt.

Either the jumper tucked in or just loosely overlapping the skirt. As you can see both ways to wear it gives it a completely different look, one causal and one slightly more neat and classy (kind of reminds me of a school girl haha). 

What I wore-
Knitted Top/Jumper- New Look
Skirt-Miss Selfridge 
Knee High Socks-Primark


  1. love those knee-highs!


  2. that is the cutest skirt ever!! Where did you get it??