Monday, 11 November 2013

Lets Help!

I've had this skirt for years now! It always reminds me of so much memories of when I wore it. I know how sad right haha, but it's funny how a piece of clothing can be sentimental as it holds many memories of the time you wore it. It 

I wore my comfy boots that colour coordinated with my cute suspender skirt! Of course I also wore a warm coat as it's getting cold now!

A couple days ago I heard about the terrible tragedy that happened in the Philippines, and I was truely devasted. I can't believe the amout of people that passed away, lost family memembers, and lost their homes. To everyone that was affected, you are all in my prayers. 

So I encourage everyone to donate to Philippine Red Cross, it doesn't have to be much at all. A little money goes a long way! :)

What I wore-
Mesh Crop Top-New Look

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