Sunday, 13 October 2013

Knit & Pleats (DIY Pleated skirt)

When I wore this my sister said 'You look like you should be in a perfume advert' haha!

I love the combination of knit and pleats! Not only do I love the colours in this outfit but I love the texture!

I'm wearing my DIY skirt!
How to make one:
1. Get a pleated maxi skirt
2. Mark how short you want to cut it
3. Cut along your markings
4. Quickly go around the hem with a lighter so it doesn't fray, make sure to ask an adult to help you!  (I haven't done this mainly because I didn't have time to finish it and then I couldn't be bothered haha!)

It's an easy and cute DIY!

What I wore-
Knitted jumper- New Look
Skirt- DIY
Vintage Satchel- Charity Shop
Shoes- Primark


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  1. so cute! love the colors