Tuesday, 15 October 2013

DIY Detachable Overalls From Jeans!


I made detachable overalls from a pair of jeans! This DIY is different as I actually filmed myself making it, so you can make it too! 

So I bought some jeans from the sales from H&M in the kids section, and it was still too big for me so I decided to make it into a pair of overalls/dungarees. 

I think you can wear overalls whenever really. Ideally in the summer, however if you wear it with a long sleeve top and a jumper inside with some tights you can wear it in the winter too!

You can also use patterned or coloured jeans to make different colour and pattern overalls!

Here's the DIY video! I hope you guys enjoy it! 

What I wore-
Long sleeve top-New Look
Collar- New Look

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