Monday, 7 October 2013


Autumn has arrived!
My last outfit from the photoshoot with Asian Impression! *Warning* There's quite a lot of photos from this outfit, mainly because Asian Impression did an amazing job I wanted you guys to see most of them!
I loved walking around the streets of London! I got this feeling like I'm in a film and there's cheery (cheesy) music playing, which makes me want to dance... but that would be weird if I actually did that haha.

I chose red and black because to me it's the colour of London, so this outfit was my London inspired outfit! Can you tell that lately I've just been loving this colour combination?! 
When I was a little and we was just about to move to England, I remember having an ideal picture of what my London outfit would be. A black and red outfit paired with a knitted cardigan, and accessorised with a hat...which is exactly what I'm wearing!
So, what's your ideal London outfit?!
How cliché...but we had to! Just couldn't resist haha!

What I wore-
High Waisted Disco Pants-TkMax
Knitted Cardigan- Charity Shop
Hat- H&M
Shoes- Dorothy Perkins
Photography by- Asian Impressions

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