Sunday, 20 October 2013

 I've had my eye on these shorts for a long time now, but luckily a family friend gave them to me (thankyou tita Mich!) It's so nice to have a fashionable tita! I paired it with this lilac knitted top which is surprisingly really warm! Then to top it off I added a lace collar to match my shorts! 

What I wore-
Knitted Top- Charity Shop
Lace Shorts- Gift 
Detachable Collar-New Look

Tuesday, 15 October 2013


I made detachable overalls from a pair of jeans! This DIY is different as I actually filmed myself making it, so you can make it too! 

So I bought some jeans from the sales from H&M in the kids section, and it was still too big for me so I decided to make it into a pair of overalls/dungarees. 

I think you can wear overalls whenever really. Ideally in the summer, however if you wear it with a long sleeve top and a jumper inside with some tights you can wear it in the winter too!

You can also use patterned or coloured jeans to make different colour and pattern overalls!

Here's the DIY video! I hope you guys enjoy it! 

What I wore-
Long sleeve top-New Look
Collar- New Look

Sunday, 13 October 2013

When I wore this my sister said 'You look like you should be in a perfume advert' haha!

I love the combination of knit and pleats! Not only do I love the colours in this outfit but I love the texture!

I'm wearing my DIY skirt!
How to make one:
1. Get a pleated maxi skirt
2. Mark how short you want to cut it
3. Cut along your markings
4. Quickly go around the hem with a lighter so it doesn't fray, make sure to ask an adult to help you!  (I haven't done this mainly because I didn't have time to finish it and then I couldn't be bothered haha!)

It's an easy and cute DIY!

What I wore-
Knitted jumper- New Look
Skirt- DIY
Vintage Satchel- Charity Shop
Shoes- Primark


Friday, 11 October 2013


DIY kimono! I tried to follow the pattern we constructed at college to make this kimono, but I got all confused so I just made my own pattern! I think the pattern and colours on the kimono is very 'autumn'!  
What I wore-
Crop Top-DIY
High Waisted Jeans-Guess

Monday, 7 October 2013

Autumn has arrived!
My last outfit from the photoshoot with Asian Impression! *Warning* There's quite a lot of photos from this outfit, mainly because Asian Impression did an amazing job I wanted you guys to see most of them!
I loved walking around the streets of London! I got this feeling like I'm in a film and there's cheery (cheesy) music playing, which makes me want to dance... but that would be weird if I actually did that haha.

I chose red and black because to me it's the colour of London, so this outfit was my London inspired outfit! Can you tell that lately I've just been loving this colour combination?! 
When I was a little and we was just about to move to England, I remember having an ideal picture of what my London outfit would be. A black and red outfit paired with a knitted cardigan, and accessorised with a hat...which is exactly what I'm wearing!
So, what's your ideal London outfit?!
How cliché...but we had to! Just couldn't resist haha!

What I wore-
High Waisted Disco Pants-TkMax
Knitted Cardigan- Charity Shop
Hat- H&M
Shoes- Dorothy Perkins
Photography by- Asian Impressions

Friday, 4 October 2013

It's amazing where you get your inspirations from, this outfit was actually inspired by a little girl I saw at a family party.

 She had this cute little bow tie on with her buttoned up shirt and she looked super cute! I never thought I would use a this bow so much! I put it in my hair most of the time and now I've thought of a new way to wear it!

I've been wanting a denim shirt for ages now, so glad I actually found one I like rehey!
What I wore-
Denim Shirt- River Island
Platform Boots-