Thursday, 5 September 2013

Red Bow

I'm super in love with bows! I'm wearing them in my hair, wearing bow jewellery, and now making and designing clothes with bows haha!

I designed and made this dress to wear to a picnic with my boyfriend to celebrate our 4 years. 

I know how sad haha, but I wanted to wear the perfect picnic outfit and I couldn't find anything, however I had this design of what I wanted in my head so I put that idea to use by drawing it and then making it.

It was originally suppose to be a dress, but I made it into a top and skirt that matches so when you put it together its a dress, but you can also wear it as separates! I liked the idea of being able to pair the bottom and skirt with different clothes! 

I just adore the cute floral print on it, but what I love most about the dress is the back, the big red bow on the back is eye catching, it's bold yet so adorable! 

I was actually a bit scared making the bow at the back (which actually ties up the top) because it's something I haven't made before but I actually managed to make it! Rehey! 

Anyways, the picnic went so well! It was really lovely I had an amazing time hehe. 

Making the outfit

What I wore
Dress (top and skirt)- DIY
Shoes- Ebay 


  1. gorgeous! your are so creative.


    1. Aww thank you so much for all your lovely comments gorgeous! I really appreciate all of them!

  2. Wow your style is so amazing ! But I love your DIYs they are brilliant ! I was wondering how you made them . Do you use a pattern or make your own? If you make your own how do you do it ?

    1. Aww thankyou very much! And I make the patterns for all my DIY's, it's easy however a bit complicated to explain maybe I will do a DIY blog post or video to explain hehe!

    2. Awww that's so awesome ! That would be lovely thank you
      Thanks for replying

  3. i can't believe how young and talented you are!!! you should totally do tutorials for your diys! i love them! you and your boyfriend look so cute ^^