Thursday, 19 September 2013


My favourite part of this whole outfit is my top! I love the pattern on the top, but I especially love the back! I know you're all thinking 'of course cabrini as its a bow!' hahaha that could be the reason! Special thanks to my friend who insisted I buy it haha!

I love the tight knee length skirts, it really emphasizes your silhouette, it's the perfect way to stay classy yet sexy... Don't you think? Show those curves gurl but keep it PG haha! 

Okay, I managed to get my own camera the Canon 600D, which I pay monthly to my mum. You can tell I'm still trying to get use to it haha! Please excuse me for being a beginner! 

So I wore this outfit for a cinema date! I was lucky that it was actually sunny so I could wear this!

So excited for the weekend as I'm heading to London for a photoshoot with an amazing photographer! 

What I wore-
Skirt-Miss Selfridge 

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  1. you are so pretty! that top is adorable