Saturday, 28 September 2013

Continuing my London trip!

Walking around London in this colourful outfit was actually quite amusing, everyone was wearing dark colours and there's me strolling around the streets of London dressed in bold, neon, and fluorescent colours!

I think you could literally see me from miles away haha!

 I was going for a vintage/70's look with this outfit, the detail on the top really caught my eye at the shop I think the print is so beautiful!

Asian Impressions nearly got ran over taking photos of this outfit as it's on a road! Haha shows how much we wanted to take good photos that we are willing to risk our lives! Haha I'm joking!

What I wore-
Photography by Asian Impressions

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

I can't even begin to explain how amazing taking these photos was! At the beginning it was so scary because I'm actually standing on a pavement in the middle of the road, which immeditely made me stand out so everyone was looking at me. 

I was very nervous, my legs was shaking causing me to stumble infront of so many people a causal cabrini moment haha, but Asian Impression (the photographer) made me feel so comfortable!

 Plus I'm never going to see those people again right?! Haha hope not! 

I did have an awkward eye contact with a person in the car...damn traffic haha! 

I really love this outfit! I was going for a vintage modernised look with my high knee socks and flower crown, the detail on the shorts and the velvet top is where the vintage comes from. 

I talk about my fashionable mum alot, and here she is! That's my mumma bear rocking her London outfit!  Doesn't she look amazing! 

My last minute DIY flower crown was worth it because I think it's actually the detail that made the outfit eye catching, it brought life to it. 

What I wore-
Velvet Crop Top-Primark
High Waisted Shorts- Internacionale 
High Knee Socks- New Look
Flower Crown-DIY 

Photography by Asian Impressions 

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Walking around London as a candy floss haha!
Wearing my DIY skirt! I paired it with this purple button up shirt because I think it made the outfit more causal especially with the puffy skirt.
I had an amazing time in London yesterday doing a photoshoot with Asian Impressions I had so much fun and he is brilliant to work with! Had an unforgettable day!

London is beautiful, busy but beautiful!


What I wore-
 Photography by Asian Impressions


Thursday, 19 September 2013

My favourite part of this whole outfit is my top! I love the pattern on the top, but I especially love the back! I know you're all thinking 'of course cabrini as its a bow!' hahaha that could be the reason! Special thanks to my friend who insisted I buy it haha!

I love the tight knee length skirts, it really emphasizes your silhouette, it's the perfect way to stay classy yet sexy... Don't you think? Show those curves gurl but keep it PG haha! 

Okay, I managed to get my own camera the Canon 600D, which I pay monthly to my mum. You can tell I'm still trying to get use to it haha! Please excuse me for being a beginner! 

So I wore this outfit for a cinema date! I was lucky that it was actually sunny so I could wear this!

So excited for the weekend as I'm heading to London for a photoshoot with an amazing photographer! 

What I wore-
Skirt-Miss Selfridge