Saturday, 24 August 2013

Matching With The Bestie

Everyone meet my weird best friend, Emma! Hahaha seriously though, I always look like a monkey next to her because she's too pretty!

I made me and Emma matching outfits! Everything we are wearing is DIY (apart from the pleated skirt Emma's wearing)!

I asked her to join me on one of my lil blog photoshoot as I wanted to introduce her to you guys, and plus it'll be fun!

Whenever we're around each other we are crazy! It's because we have the same weird sense of humour and just laugh at everything haha!

Sometimes we actually are matching, because we wear the same clothes when we go out without discussing! She's totally copying my style... joking haha!

But that's another thing she's crazy fashionable!

Do you have that friend that you can like 'mentally' connect to, because you both know what each other are thinking, and you think exactly the same? That's us!

Haha yes she is wearing two different skirts, we couldn't decide which one matched her crop top!

Not only are we matching with what we wear, or in these photos but we have like matching personalities (the deep meaning to this blogpost hahaha)! 

She's the only person that will make me laugh till I pee a lil! Not gonna lie it's happened... hahaha

Even though she bit my head, stabbed a pen on my head, and slammed foam on my eye (I'd like to point out that this was all by accident), I still love her to bits!

Thank you for always bringing out the weird side of me hahaha!

What we wore-
Crop tops-DIY
Skirts- DIY

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