Sunday, 4 August 2013

All Time Fave

Wearing my all time favourite shorts! 

Can you believe they were only £5?!

I love high waisted shorts and jeans, because it nips you in at your waist showing your curve (show those sexy curves off and also give me some haha!), and makes you look taller! 

I paired it with my DIY lace crop top! The lace is actually my old curtain! Look at me reusing and recycling haha! 

After learning how to make crop tops that also look like bustier tops (which I am crazy over), I've made so many of them! All in different colours, fabrics, patterns ahhh I'm obsessed! 

I really like paring high waisted bottoms with crop tops because it shows off the bottoms, therefore making my shorts stand out. 

Making of the lace crop top

I wore this outfit to Lancing Barrio, it was really fun!

I love this girl! 

With Joseph Apostol from The Voice UK

I laugh at everything...even though my laugh is weird and loud!

With Geneva Cruz

I saw my Godson, Miggy!

I wore a buttoned up shirt as a lil cardy as it was quite cold!

What I wore-
Cardy/top- TKmax
Sandals- New Look

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