Friday, 5 July 2013

Wild Little Things

Finally, it's time to get out my summer dresses!

I think wearing a dress is such an quick and easy outfit to put together, because you've got the top and skirt all in one!

That's why I tend to wear dresses when I'm in a rush!

I'm wearing animal print on animal print, with my cheetah print dress and snake skin shoes!

Like I said fashion doesn't have to be sticking to the rules, it's about having fun with what you wear and playing around with it!

The best outfits come from throwing clothes together, and not caring about the rules! Create your own rules!

 I'm determined to make July one of my best months of the year! Not only is it my birthday month, but I want to make it a month to remember! It's already started off so well! 

As I got featured on Seventeen (, I also got featured on their Instagram page! Say what?! Seventeen is one of the biggest girl magazine, and to be noticed by them is a dream come true! It really put a huge smile on my face! 

So far July is looking good for me!

What I wore-
Necklace-New Look 

Photography by Aylish Mcintyre