Thursday, 25 July 2013

Casual Sunny Day

Sometimes what I'm wearing reflects my mood that day, whether I feel lazy and just wear shorts and a top or feel like I want to dress up.

Today I wanted to dress casual and comfortable, with my pimsolls, shorts and a muscle tee!

As much as I love to dress up, I also love to just dress causal, because sometimes dressing up requires effort that I don't have haha!

I studded my shorts! To me it looked too simple and plain, I thought it needed a little studding hehe!

The sun made my legs fade away! Haha!

Also I won fashionista of the month at Star Central Magazine! Literally jumping with joy! Thank you everyone who voted! It honestly means the world to me!

What I wore-
 Shorts-New Look 
Muscle tee-Miss selfridge 
Pimsolls-New Look 
Necklace-Miss selfridge

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