Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Birthday outfit as it's my birthday! 

Finally I'm 17! Wow, I thank God for blessing me with 17 amazing years full of joy, blessings and love!

I saw this skirt in the shop and fell in love with it! However, it was too expensive for me so when it went on sale for £10 I grabbed it like my life depended on it haha!

My top erm...haha I tucked the top bit and turned it into a bandeau, because I thought the lace trimming at the bottom was beautiful, and to just tuck it into my skirt was a shame. So by turning it into a bandeau you can see the lace trimming and I thought it paired better with the skirt. 

Lace on lace, is a bit of a risk but I thought it complimented each other well. To me it made my skirt and my top stand out, yet not taking the delicate attention of both of them. 

Yesterday, my friends surprised me with a birthday meal! This year I didn't really want to do anything my birthday, so it really took me by surprise! I honestly cannot thank my friends for making me laugh and smile yesterday! I had a super fun and lovely day! 

For my birthday I don't wish for much, I have everything I could ever ask for! 

So excited for my 18 Debut! Only a year away now! Better start planning haha! 

What I wore-
Top (turned into a bandeau)- New Look
Skirt- Miss Selfridge
Shoes- Next

Monday, 29 July 2013

I felt like a walking Barbie doll wearing this outfit haha!

I wore this outfit to my friend's birthday party, and I swear I was the only one dressed all summery haha!

I am completely in love with this bustier! It's actually one of my all time favourite bustier, because I just adore the floral print.

I've always imagined wearing the bustier with a chiffon skirt, so I looked everywhere for the perfect puffy chiffon skirt but couldn't find one.

So I just went to the fabric shop, bought some chiffon fabric, and made the skirt.

I made the skirt in pink because I thought the colors matched the bustier.

Making the skirt.

I just love how sweet and girly the outfit looks.

What I wore- 

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Sometimes what I'm wearing reflects my mood that day, whether I feel lazy and just wear shorts and a top or feel like I want to dress up.

Today I wanted to dress casual and comfortable, with my pimsolls, shorts and a muscle tee!

As much as I love to dress up, I also love to just dress causal, because sometimes dressing up requires effort that I don't have haha!

I studded my shorts! To me it looked too simple and plain, I thought it needed a little studding hehe!

The sun made my legs fade away! Haha!

Also I won fashionista of the month at Star Central Magazine! Literally jumping with joy! Thank you everyone who voted! It honestly means the world to me!

What I wore-
 Shorts-New Look 
Muscle tee-Miss selfridge 
Pimsolls-New Look 
Necklace-Miss selfridge

Saturday, 20 July 2013


This is the first time I've ever worn a maxi dress!

Check dem toes out! Hahaha (I don't emember why I'm not wearing shoes...)

Most maxi dresses are quite long for me, so its hard to find one that fits me perfectly that's why I don't normally buy them. 

Don't you think wearing maxi dresses make you feel special hahaha!

I love the print on the dress, it gives off a boho look especially with the earrings. 

HAHAHA I flicked my hair up and Aylish took a photo! I look like Marge Simpsons! 

What I wore-
Maxi dress- Tammy 
Earrings- New Look