Wednesday, 5 June 2013

America Dreamin'

Ohh I miss America! I miss it so much that I'm wearing their flag...

I wanna go back there again so badly!

Looking at my statistics (yes I actually look at that haha) I have quite alot of American readers so hola to y'all! Please adopt me so I can live in America hahaha!

I love these high waisted jeans, I think they are my favourite pair of jeans. I love rolling them up and the look it creates.

Me and my photographer, James, went on a little walk and we took pictures along the way!

Here's my classic road photos...

Just chilling next to this big rock...

Posing with some trees and bushes...

I saw a stick, picked it up and said 'I'm Harry Potter'

There you go sums up our lil walk to discover new places to pose around hahaha!

 What wore-
Bustier- Primark
High waisted jeans- Guess
Shoes- Dorethy Perkins

Photography by James Burnham

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