Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Floral Pinafore

I was at work and I saw this girl wearing a really nice pink pinafore and it made me really want one!

So I went to the fabric shop (yes I know I always go to the fabric shop hahaha!) with my friend and
bought some floral fabric to make a pinafore! I also made my friend one!  
We basically had a lil sewing day! I love making clothes for my friends and for other people, it just makes me happy to see someone else other than me wearing something I made!
I already took photos in this outfit but then I took some more with James, that's why there's a mix in the quality of photos haha.  

 I think pinafores are really versatile, even though they are perfect for summer you can also wear it in winter with a jumper inside.
I have to admit I loved walking around in this floral pinafore!


First, because I just love the way the skirt flows, second because I love the feeling of wearing summer dresses, and third because I'm really pleased with how it turned out!

I reminds me of something I use to wear when I was little!


When I wore this, my friend said 'gosh I see flowers before I see you' I do wear alot of floral clothes hahaha!

I paired the pinafore with this lace crop top because I think lace makes it look more feminine, and the colour doesn't distract attention from the pinafore.

What I wore-
Pinafore- DIY
Lace Top-Internacionale
Shoes- New Look

 Photography by James Burnham and also my mum... hahaha


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