Saturday, 29 June 2013

Call me obsessed but I am completely in love with this 3D rose fabric! 

I made another 3D rose skirt but in pink (I haven't had a chance to wear it yet) and I had some left over fabric so I made this top! 

Pink and blue are my two favourite colours, so when I combine the two colours together it's just perfection for me hehe!

I wore this tie dye denim vest to add a little contrast to the girly outfit. 

I love the different textures in this outfit, my layered skirt, 3D rose top, and denim vest. Sometimes, it's about finding the different types of textures that work and compliment each other well, than trying to make the outfit match. 

Of course I wore one of my favourite shoes! My bright fushia pink wedges! 

Ohh and can you believe I got the tie dye denim vest for £5?! If you know me, I don't tend to buy clothes that aren't on sale...I love me a good bargain haha! 

What I wore-
Tie dye denim vest-Primark

Monday, 24 June 2013

As I said before I love clothes that stand out so when I saw this bright yellow skirt I loved it!
The combination of neon and black really clicks for me! After all opposites attract right?!

The colours balance each other out, it's not too dark and boring nor is it too bright and too out there.

As you can see it was very windy the day I wore this outfit! My skirt kept blowing up, it actually kept  hitting my face haha! Luckily I was wearing shorts!
I think my top is very versatile, you can dress it up for a friday night but you can also dress it down to wear casually everyday.

I completly forgot about these shoes, so when I found it I immediately wore it with this outfit because it matched perfectly with my skirt! 
I wore this outfit to one of my best friend's birthday meal, and I had a lovely time! 

My skirt did shine very bright though haha, especially in the dark I looked like a walking light blub!
What I wore-
Mesh Top- New Look
Skirt- H&M


Photography by James Burnham

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

I was at work and I saw this girl wearing a really nice pink pinafore and it made me really want one!

So I went to the fabric shop (yes I know I always go to the fabric shop hahaha!) with my friend and
bought some floral fabric to make a pinafore! I also made my friend one!  
We basically had a lil sewing day! I love making clothes for my friends and for other people, it just makes me happy to see someone else other than me wearing something I made!
I already took photos in this outfit but then I took some more with James, that's why there's a mix in the quality of photos haha.  

 I think pinafores are really versatile, even though they are perfect for summer you can also wear it in winter with a jumper inside.
I have to admit I loved walking around in this floral pinafore!


First, because I just love the way the skirt flows, second because I love the feeling of wearing summer dresses, and third because I'm really pleased with how it turned out!

I reminds me of something I use to wear when I was little!


When I wore this, my friend said 'gosh I see flowers before I see you' I do wear alot of floral clothes hahaha!

I paired the pinafore with this lace crop top because I think lace makes it look more feminine, and the colour doesn't distract attention from the pinafore.

What I wore-
Pinafore- DIY
Lace Top-Internacionale
Shoes- New Look

 Photography by James Burnham and also my mum... hahaha

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Ohh I miss America! I miss it so much that I'm wearing their flag...

I wanna go back there again so badly!

Looking at my statistics (yes I actually look at that haha) I have quite alot of American readers so hola to y'all! Please adopt me so I can live in America hahaha!

I love these high waisted jeans, I think they are my favourite pair of jeans. I love rolling them up and the look it creates.

Me and my photographer, James, went on a little walk and we took pictures along the way!

Here's my classic road photos...

Just chilling next to this big rock...

Posing with some trees and bushes...

I saw a stick, picked it up and said 'I'm Harry Potter'

There you go sums up our lil walk to discover new places to pose around hahaha!

 What wore-
Bustier- Primark
High waisted jeans- Guess
Shoes- Dorethy Perkins

Photography by James Burnham