Friday, 17 May 2013

Shining Bright

 I found these shorts for £5, so I had to get it!

But it was just too simple for me... As I said before, I love clothes that catch your eye that's why I decided to bead it with pearls and gems!

I took photos outside to show off my shoes, but I wanted to take some inside so you can clearly see the details on my shorts.

I just adore being creative with my clothes, and using what I have, to make something so simple look extravagant.

I paired it with this white ruffle top that just complimented the shorts as it makes it stand out.

Wow! It has been a whole year since I left school! It has gone so fast I can't believe it! It feels like it was only yesterday that I was writing in people's yearbooks, taking 'last day' photos, and crying as I say goodbye to school.

I have to admit I really miss it, my whole school experience was amazing! I met so many lovely people and made  memories that I will never forget!

Alot has changed in the past year, but it's good change as I don't think I would be blogging, doing as much diy's, and meeting more amazing people if things didn't change.

I look forward to the future because if things changed for the better now since school, it's only going to get even better! There's going to be so many memories to make, places to see, and people to meet! Don't you think that's exciting?!

What I wore- 
Top- Primark

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