Wednesday, 1 May 2013

DIY: Scarf into top

Now it's spring I still wanted to use my scarf but in a different way.

I was inspired by my beautiful, creative, and amazing Instagram friend (@ambermarie_553) to turn my scarf into a top! Without any sewing!

It has given me so many outfit ideas using different scarfs and I'm in love!

After turning it into a top, I also turned it into a vest, a dress, and a cardigan! I did not know I could do so many things with a scarf! Mind blown!

 How to do it
What you need- Square scarf 

1. Take two of the corners of your scarf and tie them behind your neck.
2. With the two remaining corners, tie them around your waist.

I would suggest to wear a bandeau bra inside it or a spaghetti top.

This is perfect for summer! Especially if you use floral scarfs!

What I wore-
Scarf (turned into a top)-Primark 
Shorts and belt-River island


  1. so cute!!

  2. I absolutely love this outfit ... You inspire me to do more things ����

  3. I definitely adore your sense of style !