Monday, 6 May 2013

Denim on denim

Who says you can't wear denim on denim?!

I don't think there's any rules when it comes to fashion. It's about how you make it, how you style it, and how you wear it! Those are my rules hehe!

I absolutely love this denim dress, which I turned into a top by putting a skirt on top of it!

My problem- Before I went out I accidentally stained the dress with orange juice (I am so clumsy!)

My solution- Put a skirt over it!
Yes, these are the hard troubling problems I face everyday hahaha!

Luckily, I took pictures of the dress before I got orange juice stain on it...

I honestly can't get enough of pastel colours!

This light washed denim skirt is a must have! It pairs perfectly well with anything!

There are so many outfits I can put together with this skirt! Even with just a baggy white t-shirt it would still look gorgeous!

We had a visitor so we took her to Stonehenge and this is what I wore. I would of taken outfit photos at Stonehenge but it was so windy! 

But here's one photo I manage to take haha! I look so confused!

What I wore- 
Denim dress- Miss selfridge 
Skirt- Internacionale
Shoes- Next

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