Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Bedsheet into skirt with braces

I made this skater skirt with braces! However it's made from my bed sheet...
I really hope my mum doesn't mind me tearing my bed sheet apart to make this hahaha!

I was desperate to sew and I didn't have any spare fabrics so I just used my bed sheet haha!

But for my first pay the first thing I did was buy fabrics! I can't wait to start sewing!

Anyways, I've been loving the overralls and pinafore that are in the trend! That's why I decided to make this type of skirt!

I really love it! I love the colour as blue is my favourite colour and I love the braces, I can't wait to make more of these in different colours and prints!

I took pictures outside as well so you can fully see the outfit (not just close ups). 

In my opinion, I think pinafores and skirt with braces look really nice with crop tops! I think this is because they are so cute that crop tops give it an edgy look. Plus I think the top will stand out more if it's a crop top, rather than it just being tucked into the skirt.

Tie dye has been really in trend a swell, however I'm not a big fan of the tie dye tops that are baggy, probably because I'm so small that it looks like the top ate me haha!

But I do love tie dye tops that are quite fitted so when I found this top I was like yay! 1st I've been really wanting to get a turtle neck crop top, 2nd it has the tie dye effect, and 3rd I love the colour!

But my problem was I didn't know what to pair with it! I looked everywhere for bottoms that would match it but i couldn't find any, so I thought I'll just make something that would pair with it and I did!

Sometimes, if I can't find a perfect pair I'll just create something that will match it, it doesn't just give me the reason to sew but it also saves me a lot of money hahaha. 

What I wore-
Skirt with braces-DIY
Crop top- TK max
Earrings-New Look