Friday, 31 May 2013

You know I said that for my first pay I went fabric shopping?! I didn't lie! I went crazy in there! I had so many ideas, and so many clothes I wanted to make!

I've been really into matching outfits! I think it's just so cute that the top and bottom match, don't you think?!

That's why I made this bandeau bow with a matching skirt, and I got to admit I absolutely adore it!

It was my first time making a bandeau bow, and it was super easy! I've made so many of it ever since! I've also made crop tops! I can't wait to wear them and show you guys!

I love the floral print on the fabric! I think it's perfect for spring/summer!

I'm thinking about selling the bandeau bow with a matching skirt! I don't know yet though, as I have so many ideas on what I wanna sell! Haha!

I actually wore this outfit for a college trip to Brighton!

Even though it was a little cold and raining I still wore it, I was too excited to wear it haha! 

 I tried to do a little spin, this is the photo before my skirt blew up and I wasn't wearing any shorts...FAIL.

I can't even begin to describe the feeling I get when I wear something I made. But what's even more amazing is when somebody asks me where I got it from, and I say I made it.

I love being different, that's why I make most of my clothes, as it's like a one-of-a-kind outfit that no one is wearing, isn't that great?!

What I wore-
Bow bandeau-DIY

Monday, 27 May 2013

 Finally an outfit photo outside yay! 

For me I find high low skirts really hard to pair with! I just want to wear it casually but I end up looking dressed up!

So I figured I'd wear it with this Rolling Stones top, I think I look casual... Haha!

Don't you love finding out that one of your friends has a DSLR camera and is willing to take photos for you! 

 I'm actually very lucky to have so many people that are willing to help me out with my blog, it's like I have a lil 'Cabrini team' haha! 

Anyways, when we took these photos it was quite windy but I love the effect it made on the skirt!

Ohh and exciting news guys! I have been nominated for fashionista of the month at Star Central magazine, and if I win I get to be in their magazine! Please vote for me! It would mean a lot to me!

You can vote once everyday (the voting pole ends on July 2nd)! Here's the link!
Thank you very much!

What I wore-
Skirt- Boutique in the Philippines 
Shoes-Dorothy Perkins

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

I made this skater skirt with braces! However it's made from my bed sheet...
I really hope my mum doesn't mind me tearing my bed sheet apart to make this hahaha!

I was desperate to sew and I didn't have any spare fabrics so I just used my bed sheet haha!

But for my first pay the first thing I did was buy fabrics! I can't wait to start sewing!

Anyways, I've been loving the overralls and pinafore that are in the trend! That's why I decided to make this type of skirt!

I really love it! I love the colour as blue is my favourite colour and I love the braces, I can't wait to make more of these in different colours and prints!

I took pictures outside as well so you can fully see the outfit (not just close ups). 

In my opinion, I think pinafores and skirt with braces look really nice with crop tops! I think this is because they are so cute that crop tops give it an edgy look. Plus I think the top will stand out more if it's a crop top, rather than it just being tucked into the skirt.

Tie dye has been really in trend a swell, however I'm not a big fan of the tie dye tops that are baggy, probably because I'm so small that it looks like the top ate me haha!

But I do love tie dye tops that are quite fitted so when I found this top I was like yay! 1st I've been really wanting to get a turtle neck crop top, 2nd it has the tie dye effect, and 3rd I love the colour!

But my problem was I didn't know what to pair with it! I looked everywhere for bottoms that would match it but i couldn't find any, so I thought I'll just make something that would pair with it and I did!

Sometimes, if I can't find a perfect pair I'll just create something that will match it, it doesn't just give me the reason to sew but it also saves me a lot of money hahaha. 

What I wore-
Skirt with braces-DIY
Crop top- TK max
Earrings-New Look

Friday, 17 May 2013

 I found these shorts for £5, so I had to get it!

But it was just too simple for me... As I said before, I love clothes that catch your eye that's why I decided to bead it with pearls and gems!

I took photos outside to show off my shoes, but I wanted to take some inside so you can clearly see the details on my shorts.

I just adore being creative with my clothes, and using what I have, to make something so simple look extravagant.

I paired it with this white ruffle top that just complimented the shorts as it makes it stand out.

Wow! It has been a whole year since I left school! It has gone so fast I can't believe it! It feels like it was only yesterday that I was writing in people's yearbooks, taking 'last day' photos, and crying as I say goodbye to school.

I have to admit I really miss it, my whole school experience was amazing! I met so many lovely people and made  memories that I will never forget!

Alot has changed in the past year, but it's good change as I don't think I would be blogging, doing as much diy's, and meeting more amazing people if things didn't change.

I look forward to the future because if things changed for the better now since school, it's only going to get even better! There's going to be so many memories to make, places to see, and people to meet! Don't you think that's exciting?!

What I wore- 
Top- Primark