Thursday, 4 April 2013

Leather & Spikes

These are one of my favorite shorts! I love the colour, the zip on the front, and the fact that its pleather! 

I paired it with the bustier top I studded up, I thought the studs and zip matched together. 

This necklace pairs with so many outfits! I like high necklaces greater than the long ones, this is because I think they stand out more and they catch your eyes. 

Taking photo's on a road is not very clever because:
-You can get run over
-Half of my photos I look scared because a car is coming (they're the photos were I look serious, but I'm actually scared)
-People watch you like 'who's that weirdo?' 
-When you put your bag down PEOPLE TRY TO STEAL IT! (only happened once when a bunch of dodgy people walked past)

So yeah... 

You can tell I don't really have a style, I love trying out different looks and styles. I like to be versatile.

What I wore:
Pleather shorts- Internationale 
Bustier top- DIY studded originally from Primark
Necklace- New Look