Sunday, 3 March 2013

Studded High Low

This outfit is inspired by Erin Pono check out her Instagram @erinlizpono! She's honestly so amazing and very sweet!

I didn't know how to wear this high low top/dress until I saw her photo and it inspired me!

I love the studs on this top/dress! I love the detail in clothes. If it isn't detailed or it doesn't stand out, it won't catch my eye haha!

I also love the back! I've been wanting a top that has a low 'V' back!

Lastly, I love the sheer high low at the bottom of the garment! I love how it flows when I walk!

Although, the high low at the bottom made me looks like I had a tail when I wore my coat haha!

I did not forget that it's still winter that's why I wore skin tights and knee high socks (which was also inspired by Erin), and my quilt coat.

The beautiful Erin also had a headpiece so I wore this chain necklace that can be turned into a bracelet and a head piece.

What I wore-
High low top/dress- Primark
Knee high socks- New Look
Headpiece- Miss Selfridge
Shoes- Dorothy Perkins

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  1. Love this so much bb, you look just fabulous! love knee highs on you <3