Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Let's get down to business!

What time is it? I think I'm late for my business meeting hahaha!

I would actually love to be a business woman! It would be so fun to dress up like this everyday don't you think? 

 Give me sunglasses and I turn into a lil poser haha!

I love pastel colours! They work so perfectly well together!

As soon as I pointed out these lilac trousers mama bear (yes that's what I call my mum) said 'you don't wear trousers' she's right, I don't.

But I do love wearing bottoms that has colour or include patterns on them, and these trousers are so pretty!

Wearing my cute pink polkadot satchel!

What I wore- 
Trousers- Lispy
Blazer-New Look
Satchel-Philippines (I can't remember what shop)

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  1. YOU ARE SO CUTE, this is so fab baby, you put a whole new spin on business formal <3