Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Guns and Roses

I had some spare fabric left from when I made my 3D rose skirt so I made a 3D rose top! And I also made a leather skirt!

I'm really pleased with my top because I did everything myself from the pattern pieces to the finished garment. I've been wanting a 3D rose jumper/top for ages so I was so excited when I finished it! Yay!

I've seen leather skirts everywhere, but it was much cheaper buying the leather fabric then buying a leather skirt so I made one instead.

I think you can tell best friend is my sewing machine, I'm always with it and I can never be separated from it haha!

I laugh like all the time...

In all honesty one of the reasons I made the skirt was to pair it with my 3D rose top haha! I thought the delicate roses would match the wet look and create a edgy yet girly look.

I can't say it doesn't feel good to be wearing an outfit you made for head to toe! It feels good to know that Im able to make clothes now instead of buying them.

What I wore- 
3D rose top- DIY 
Leather skirt-DIY 
Belt- Primark (it came with a pair of shorts)
Shoes- Dorothy Perkins


  1. I super duper Love this look! I swear im jealous of you! your so talented dear! Stay Nice and Gorgeous <3

  2. You know how much I love this babygirlll~~~ <3

  3. OMG! I really love this look! So awesome that you made this entire outfit yourself!

    Just a question, you can start college when you're 16?


  4. You look so pretty and chic.Love it :)