Sunday, 31 March 2013

Okay I think I'm addicted to this 3D rose fabric! Haha!

Anyways, I made another 3D rose skirt but this time in white!

I paired it with a lace top I also made, I saw this fabric and I had to buy it! Can you believe I made a lace top for £1.50?!

I'm in love with this pearl peterpan collar it matched perfectly with the outfit!

I think wearing a top inside the lace sort of ruined the outfit but ohh well, if I didn't wear one it would be see through!

Also I was thinking of selling these 3D rose skirt I make, question is would people buy it? Mm...

Happy Easter Sunday everyone!
What I wore-
Skirt- DIY 
Lace top-DIY
Pearl bracelet-Primark 
Peterpan collar-Primark
Shoes-New Look

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

First of all, look at the little change on my blog! I want to thank my friend who helped me 'make-over' my site! I really love it! It shows more of my personality!

 I've been getting requests to post more causal outfits so here it is!

Where is the warm spring weather?! I'm ready for spring but I guess spring isn't ready for me yet wahh!

I love wearing baggy sweaters on top of skirts, not only is it a quick outfit to put together it's also very cute!

 what my sweater says! 

What I wore-
Sweater-New Look
Tights-Wet Seal

Saturday, 23 March 2013

I studded up my leggings as it had marks all over it and I couldn't throw it away! So I studded on the marks to hide it. Gotta love recycling haha!

However, I didn't just studd it anywhere I did a gradient design. More studs on the top and gets less and less as it goes down the leggings.

 I found this gold vest in my closet and haven't worn it in a long time.

So I thought it needed a little bit of adventure apart from just being in my closet!

I also liked this outfit without the gold vest on.

The sleeves on the top adds femininity to this outfit, and that's what I love about it.

As much as I love trying out different styles I always have a touch of femininity to a edgy outfit. That's because I'm a 'girly girl'

I swear half of my clothes are my mums haha! This top is actually hers!

What I wore-
Gold vest- Miss Selfridge
Leggings- DIY originally from Primark
Top- mum's amazing closet haha!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

What time is it? I think I'm late for my business meeting hahaha!

I would actually love to be a business woman! It would be so fun to dress up like this everyday don't you think? 

 Give me sunglasses and I turn into a lil poser haha!

I love pastel colours! They work so perfectly well together!

As soon as I pointed out these lilac trousers mama bear (yes that's what I call my mum) said 'you don't wear trousers' she's right, I don't.

But I do love wearing bottoms that has colour or include patterns on them, and these trousers are so pretty!

Wearing my cute pink polkadot satchel!

What I wore- 
Trousers- Lispy
Blazer-New Look
Satchel-Philippines (I can't remember what shop)

Monday, 11 March 2013

I wore this to my mums birthday and mothers day meal! Happy birthday to the most beautiful, amazing and caring mum!

I paired the top with a pencil skirt because I wanted to emphasis the flare of the peplum top.

I matched it with some gold accessories. Then I was ready to go out and celebrate!

I truly appreciate everything that my mum has done for me, she's my hero, and she's definitely my role model!

Thank you for everything mum! Happy birthday and Happy Mother's Day! I love you!

What I wore-
Top- New Look
Belt and peterpan collar- Primark
Pencil skirt- Macy's

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

I had some spare fabric left from when I made my 3D rose skirt so I made a 3D rose top! And I also made a leather skirt!

I'm really pleased with my top because I did everything myself from the pattern pieces to the finished garment. I've been wanting a 3D rose jumper/top for ages so I was so excited when I finished it! Yay!

I've seen leather skirts everywhere, but it was much cheaper buying the leather fabric then buying a leather skirt so I made one instead.

I think you can tell best friend is my sewing machine, I'm always with it and I can never be separated from it haha!

I laugh like all the time...

In all honesty one of the reasons I made the skirt was to pair it with my 3D rose top haha! I thought the delicate roses would match the wet look and create a edgy yet girly look.

I can't say it doesn't feel good to be wearing an outfit you made for head to toe! It feels good to know that Im able to make clothes now instead of buying them.

What I wore- 
3D rose top- DIY 
Leather skirt-DIY 
Belt- Primark (it came with a pair of shorts)
Shoes- Dorothy Perkins