Monday, 11 February 2013

Valentines Day! (My DIY 3D Rose Skirt)

I'm so excited for this post because first its my valentines day post, and second I made a 3D rose skirt!

Its the love month! It comes once a year, and its all about showing your love to your love ones!

Even though I believe you should show your love ones that you love them everyday of the whole year, I still love valentines day!

Since its valentines day I'm going to wear something red!

I saw a picture of a 3D rose skirt online and I instantly wanted one so I made one!

I'm so happy because this is the first skater/circle skirt I have successfully made!

However because of my luck, on the day I wanted to finish the skirt I broke my last sewing machine needle! Wahh! So I literally hand sewn the whole skirt! (I couldn't wait till I got new needles because I was too excited to finish it haha!)

I paired it with my white bustier top because white would make the skirt stand out, which is exactly what I want it to do!

As the bustier top has gold studs on it I decided to pair it with gold accessories!

I'm also going to wear my big fur coat! I feel like a bear wearing this coat! Rahhh!

I wanted this outfit photos to have a really good quality thats why my friend came round and took pictures of my outfit. I'm so thankful that she was willing to help me, it really means alot!

I'm also investing in a good camera at the moment! So hopefully soon, my photo quality will be this good all the time! Yay!

I hope you all enjoy your valentines day! I really appreciate the ones that I love, and I promise to show them that everyday of the year!

Happy Valentines day!

What I wore- 
Bustier top-Lipsy
 3D Rose skirt- DIY
Fur coat- Next
 Heels- Lipsy 
Armcandy- New Look 


  1. So beautiful, in every way~ ♥ ♥

    1. I love you so much beautiful! Thankyou! <3 <3

  2. How did you make it? It's adorable!

    1. It's actually easier than it looks like haha, but thankyou very much!

  3. you're stunningly beautiful hun!!! and you gotta teach me how use the sewing machine!! tutorial please?? hahaha.. we should collabo on our designs and make it into a business! :p

    1. aww thankyou gorgeous! hahaha after you teach me how to always look fab like you do! oh my gosh we totally should! :D

    2. hun! we should, we'll design together and work out together and you'll make it? hehehe.. I will try to learn how to use sewing machine soon hun.. I really want to learn..for now we will practice and then eventually we'll visualize what we want to do with business.. :p

  4. in one of your blogs, you should show us how you make your DIY circle skirts!