Sunday, 3 February 2013

Something Different

Trying something different by tying my checkered top on my hip! I've seen many outfits that has done the same thing, and that's what inspired me to do it!

I wore a lot of chain necklaces! Haha! I got a little carried away but ohh well you can never be over the top!

I love this knitted cardigan not only is it very warm but it also has a hood! 

I just love wearing my navy sheer top unbuttoned because it gives it that edgy look to it. I've been having troubles matching an outfit with my 'leather like' leggins, so I finally got to wear it woo!

As you can see I pair my outfits by colours, because my checkered top is red and blue, I wore red 'leather like' leggins and a navy blue sheer top. I do this because for me its much easier to match outfits together!

I feel so tall in these shoes! I don't often get to feel tall! So yay!

What I wore-
Sheer top-A store in the Philippines (sorry I forgot where I got it from!)
Checkered top-New Look
Knitted cargidan-H&M
Leggins- Primark 
Shoes-Dorothy Perkins 
Chains- Miss Selfridge 

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  1. OMG girl I'm sooooo jealous of you! You should totally do videos! I'm really into fashion, but my parents are like "NO!" Urghh.