Wednesday, 27 February 2013

'On Wednesdays, we wear pink' gotta love mean girls haha! That means I can sit with them because I wore pink, right?!

I woke up and felt like wearing something bright and colourful, that's why I ended up wearing pink!

I have had this top for a while now, even before 'cut outs' became trendy. I liked it so much that I got it (my auntie bought it for me) in white and pink.

 I actually bought it in America, talking about America makes me miss it! Hopefully I can go back again soon, so I can see my relatives who lives there!

Okay, I must admit because I wore this outfit to college I did not wear these shoes! Or else that would hurt! It's just a prop for my photos hahaha!

 What I wore-
Knitted Top-DKNY 
Leggins-New Look
Earrings- New Look

Monday, 25 February 2013

 I was having a grey day! I just wore grey from head to toe!

 P.s it was sunny when I took these photos, that's why I'm squinting haha!

Sometimes I don't plan what I wear, I just look in my closet and find clothes I could mix and match. This was one of those days! 

 I usually match my clothes by colour, that's probably why everything I'm wearing is grey haha!

I love the fact that winter gives me the chance to wear winter hats and knitted headbands like this!

I actually love winter! I love dressing up all wintery and warm! 

As there's no pop of colour, I wore cheetah patterned tights to liven the outfit up! 

What I wore-
Knitted dress-Mum's closet 
Fur vest-Mum's closet
Tights-New Look
Knitted Headband-Primark
Boots-New Look
Necklace-Miss Selfridge

Thursday, 21 February 2013

I wore this outfit when I went out for a meal with my friends, I tried to go a little casual yet elegant that's why I wore my lace shorts.  

It's getting quite warmer now! I'm so excited for summer! 

What I love most about my top is the sleeves! The love how voluminous it is.

I actually can't stop wearing these shoes! They match everything and they are so comfortable! 

 It was so nice to see my friends again and catch up, it was one of those nights where I couldn't stop laughing! 

What I wore- 
Belt-River Island
Shoes-Dorothy Perkins

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Monday, 18 February 2013

I really love light and pastel colours as I think they make outfits look really feminine. 

I'm wearing my DIY pleated skirt, which was actually just a long pleated skirt that I cut short, added the lace on the waistband, and because I sewed on the lace the waistband was no longer stretchy, that's why I added the zip so I was able to get in the skirt haha!

However, if you wanted to make a DIY pleated skirt easily, you can just get one from the charity shops then cut it short to the length you want. 

My floral denim vest was actually 2 sizes too big for me (it was the only one left wahh!), so I just took it in to fit me.

Then, I thought the denim vest needed more 'bling'. So I sewed on pearls and diamond like beads on the tip of the collar, and around the pocket.

I thought the blue matched really well with my denim vest because of the pastel colours, that's why I decided to pair it together.

I finished off my outfit by wearing my gold glittery heels! 

What I wore-
Denim vest-New Look 
Skirt-DIY (you can find lots at charity shops) 
Heels- New Look

Monday, 11 February 2013

I'm so excited for this post because first its my valentines day post, and second I made a 3D rose skirt!

Its the love month! It comes once a year, and its all about showing your love to your love ones!

Even though I believe you should show your love ones that you love them everyday of the whole year, I still love valentines day!

Since its valentines day I'm going to wear something red!

I saw a picture of a 3D rose skirt online and I instantly wanted one so I made one!

I'm so happy because this is the first skater/circle skirt I have successfully made!

However because of my luck, on the day I wanted to finish the skirt I broke my last sewing machine needle! Wahh! So I literally hand sewn the whole skirt! (I couldn't wait till I got new needles because I was too excited to finish it haha!)

I paired it with my white bustier top because white would make the skirt stand out, which is exactly what I want it to do!

As the bustier top has gold studs on it I decided to pair it with gold accessories!

I'm also going to wear my big fur coat! I feel like a bear wearing this coat! Rahhh!

I wanted this outfit photos to have a really good quality thats why my friend came round and took pictures of my outfit. I'm so thankful that she was willing to help me, it really means alot!

I'm also investing in a good camera at the moment! So hopefully soon, my photo quality will be this good all the time! Yay!

I hope you all enjoy your valentines day! I really appreciate the ones that I love, and I promise to show them that everyday of the year!

Happy Valentines day!

What I wore- 
Bustier top-Lipsy
 3D Rose skirt- DIY
Fur coat- Next
 Heels- Lipsy 
Armcandy- New Look