Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Leaves Dress (camouflage theme)

For my Second blog post of 2013 and I wanted to show you guys the work I'm most proud of in 2012, which is the dress I designed and made for my GCSE coursework (school project). 

For the project we were given many themes, and the theme I chose was camoflouge. I got my inspiration from Adam and Eve and how they used leaves for camouflage, cover their private parts, and other purposes.

I designed the top of the dress to be made out mesh fabric so that its see through, but would include gem leaves that covered the private area.

My Client was dancers, I wanted to create a dress that would be used for dance competition (mostly for ball room competitions). This is why the dress had to be flowy so that the dancer can easily move, and jewels all over the dress to make the dancer stand out. 

 The back of the dress. 

I stuck the gems on the leaves individually using fabric glue. I added the gems on the leaves because in my opinion it created a uniqueness to the dress and makes it eye catching.

This dress actually has my blood and sweat in it! haha! But it was all worth the hard work!

Details on the skirt. I love the beading and volume of the skirt!

 My design, one of the best feelings in the world is to see your design come to life! 

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