Monday, 28 January 2013

Edgy Meets Girly

So for a while now I've been stuck on the classy and girly looks! So I wanted to change it up a little bit, and for me this outfit is in between the girly and edgy style.

I think this top has the edgy look to it, but I paired it with a skater skirt because I'm still in the girly mood haha!

I've had this camo top since I was little! (Yes i know right it still fits haha!) At one point I was actually considering to throw it away as it wasn't in trend anymore, but I kept it just in case it came back in style and I was right haha!

Again I turned my dress into a skirt, I just tucked in the top of the dress and voila a new skirt!

Try'n to be serious and all that hahaha!

I couldn't really decide how to wear my coat so I wore it differently:

Buttoned all the way up

I just love how the skirt puffs out at the bottom of the jacket, its so cute! 

Only top button done

I love finding different ways to wear my clothes, and to me only doing the top button is definitely a new way. 

No buttons done up
Lastly, no buttons done up this look really does shows off your outfit. 

What I wore-
Top-New Look
Denim Jacket-Guess
Belt-River Island
Dress into dress- New Look
Wedges- Internationale 


  1. babygirl, you're forever beautiful~~~

    1. Aww thankyou very much beautiful! You're always so sweet! I really appreciate it! Love you!

  2. Lovley! just my kind of style, edgy with a girly twist, I think dark colours are always brave when trying to maintain a girly look, even though they have a reputation for being 'safe' and you've certainly used them well here! I think the pleats just add that needed girly detail. I'm a big sucker for anything with a bit of detailing in it, I love illustrative prints, Iron fist clothing is a favourite brand of mine, but whenever I wear something that quite out there, I always tone it down with some basics. Please take a look at my latest purchase and let me know what you think!

    1. Yes I love mixing up my style! Aww thankyou! I know me too I love detail! I think that's one of the important thing when piecing outfits together, and ohh I like the top! I really like the detail on it! It's a top you can dress down for a casual look, or dress up for a dressy look! Very versatile!