Sunday, 13 January 2013

Boot Cut Jeans

I actually love my boot cut jeans! Okay, I have to admit some of them I have turned into skinny jeans haha, but some I wouldn't dare to turn skinny or even throw away! Especially this one!

I think boot cut jeans look incredible with heels! It just brings more glamour and classy look to the jeans.

But you can't always wear heels with boot cut jeans because that would be awfully uncomfortable haha! So I normally just roll the cuff up and wear flats, or wear shoes with a little heel. 

FACT: I have so many 'I wasn't ready' poses, and so many blopper photos were I tripped, hair all over my face as it was so windy, and leaves hitting my face! 

I love the back of this top, it looks plain on the front but on the back its backless! It's like a mullet top, business on the front but party on the back haha!

This outfit makes me look like I'm from the 60's haha! 

 Excuse this weird photo I was laughing, I think...

What I wore-
Top- New look
Heels- New look
Necklace- Miss Selfridge


  1. so glam babygirl, I bet you catch everyone's eye!

  2. Aww boo your always so sweet! Thankyou baby! I'm so glad you started blogging you are so inspiring boo!