Monday, 28 January 2013

So for a while now I've been stuck on the classy and girly looks! So I wanted to change it up a little bit, and for me this outfit is in between the girly and edgy style.

I think this top has the edgy look to it, but I paired it with a skater skirt because I'm still in the girly mood haha!

I've had this camo top since I was little! (Yes i know right it still fits haha!) At one point I was actually considering to throw it away as it wasn't in trend anymore, but I kept it just in case it came back in style and I was right haha!

Again I turned my dress into a skirt, I just tucked in the top of the dress and voila a new skirt!

Try'n to be serious and all that hahaha!

I couldn't really decide how to wear my coat so I wore it differently:

Buttoned all the way up

I just love how the skirt puffs out at the bottom of the jacket, its so cute! 

Only top button done

I love finding different ways to wear my clothes, and to me only doing the top button is definitely a new way. 

No buttons done up
Lastly, no buttons done up this look really does shows off your outfit. 

What I wore-
Top-New Look
Denim Jacket-Guess
Belt-River Island
Dress into dress- New Look
Wedges- Internationale 

Thursday, 24 January 2013

I think this outfit makes me look really classy and posh! But I'm no way near classy or posh haha!

 Last time I was in a restaurant I held a breadstick to my nose and pretended I was Pinocchio...

This is the outfit I wore to my boyfriends birthday meal! Don't worry I didn't wear the hat inside the restaurant haha!

I'm in love with my skirt! I've been wanting a wet look skirt for a long time now so when I found this skirt I got so excited, and immediately thought of many outfits I could pair with it!

 I've had this felt hat for a while now but I haven't had the chance to wear it so this is a first! I think this hat is perfect for the winter look, who says you can only wear hats in the summer? I don't think there's any rules when it comes to fashion, it's all about experimenting and being unique! 

 I can get enough of lace, its elegant and classy. Even if you wear it casually you still look fabulous!

I believe in the saying "it doesn't matter the price of your clothes, it's how you wear it!" This outfit looks more expensive then it actually is, I got the top for only £3! 

 Anyways, just wanted to wish my amazing boyfriend a happy birthday! I'm so lucky to not only call him my boyfriend but also my best friend! 

What I wore-
Skirt- H&M
Top- Primark
Felt hat- New look 
Shoes- New look
I shop at New look way too much, but that's only because I live very near to it!

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Oh my gosh it snowed! I get so excited like a little kid when it snows!

I wore my fluffy jumper again because its so warm! I'm not even joking, I didn't think a jumper could be so warm! I paired it with my floral jeans that I love so much!

Instead of wearing jewellery I thought I would wear my braces.

I've been wanting braces for a long time now. But the only one I had was button on braces instead of a clip on, it came with a pair of jeans. I just sewed some buttons on the floral jeans so I was able to wear my braces!

Snow makes me so happy! Until it turns into ice and I slip up...

For shoes I wore my snow boots! I call theses my snow boots because they're waterproof and perfect for walking in the snow as they're so comfortable. I don't actually know where my boots are from as I can't remember where I bought them and it doesn't have a label.

FACT: I get distracted really easily, even when I'm taking outfit photos!

Jake made mini snowman of us, but we didn't get to decorate it as it got ran over haha! So I just edited it instead! 

What I wore-
Floral jeans- Topshop
Braces- came with a pair of New look jeans 
Boots- unknown

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Aztec print knitted cardigan, wedges, and tights...Okay so I might of gotten a little bit carried away with the aztec print but I love the look of the print combined together in this outfit, for me something clicked. 

I planned to wear this outfit to college but when I woke up it started to snow! Say whaat?! But I thought, I really like this outfit the snow (which went away in about half an hour) is not going to stop me from wearing it!

But because my mum doesn't like me wearing shorts for the winter I got the 'your going to freeze to death' 'your going to be frozen when you get to college' 'your going to get pneumonia' 'sige ka (filipino for go on then haha)' speech, so I wore 3 pairs of black tights underneath haha!

I was helping my mum shop for clothes for my lil cousins, when this knitted cardigan caught my attention, and I immediately fell in love with it!

However, it's from the kids section! Haha! What can I say, I fit in it, it's incredibly cute, and it was on sale for £5! I love the kids section!

I just love the bright luminous colours in this cardigan! That's why I paired it with bright colours aswell, like my shorts and belt. 

I've been seeing so many studded bustier tops that I wanted one! But since I couldn't find any, I decided to just stud up this top that has a built in bra so it was kind of a bustier top haha!

What I wore- 
Knitted cardigan- M&Co kids (gotta love the kids section) 
Tights-New look 
Wedges- New look 
Necklace- Miss selfridge 
Top- DIY studded top orginally from Primark 

Sunday, 13 January 2013

I actually love my boot cut jeans! Okay, I have to admit some of them I have turned into skinny jeans haha, but some I wouldn't dare to turn skinny or even throw away! Especially this one!

I think boot cut jeans look incredible with heels! It just brings more glamour and classy look to the jeans.

But you can't always wear heels with boot cut jeans because that would be awfully uncomfortable haha! So I normally just roll the cuff up and wear flats, or wear shoes with a little heel. 

FACT: I have so many 'I wasn't ready' poses, and so many blopper photos were I tripped, hair all over my face as it was so windy, and leaves hitting my face! 

I love the back of this top, it looks plain on the front but on the back its backless! It's like a mullet top, business on the front but party on the back haha!

This outfit makes me look like I'm from the 60's haha! 

 Excuse this weird photo I was laughing, I think...

What I wore-
Top- New look
Heels- New look
Necklace- Miss Selfridge

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

I love the combination of fur and lace! 

The top I'm wearing is actually a dress that I just put a skirt over haha! I'm obsessed with turning my dresses into tops or even skirts!

I'm in love with skater skirts at the moment! I think everyone is haha! It's just so adorable and flowy! I actually learnt how to make one this week at college yay! 

 I don't think you can see it, but the skirt has cheetah print patterns on it. 

I think I can see why people think I have extensions but it's just layers haha!

Such a blurry photo, ohh well just showing my fur shawl! 

Look at these cute suede boots I found in my mums shoe closet! So comfortable! 

My cheeks look so chubby! Say hi to chub chubs!

What I wore:
Dress turned into top- New look
Skirt- River Island
Fur shawl- Primark
Boots- M&S