Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Denim Day

I think you can tell what's my favourite colour!

I went out with my friends the other day, just to catch up because sadly I don't go to the same college as them. And we quickly went to an alley way to take these photos (Yes people were looking but ohh well!)

I've seen so many girls rock their denim top so well, it made me really want one! But as I don't have the money I decided to just look through my closet to see if I could find anything, luckily I found an old denim dress!

I'm in love with the colour of the denim! But I didn't like it as a dress (that would explain why I forgot about it haha), so I just wore my blue flowy skirt on top of it.

This skirt is one of my favourite skirts ever! I love the way it flows, the colour and the layers of different shades of blue. Don't you think it's just so cute?!

I also wore my white knee high socks with this outfit because I felt super girly that day!

What I wore:
Denim top (originally a dress)-New look
Knee high socks-New look
Shoes- online shop called Chockers

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