Friday, 28 December 2012

I don't know why but for some reason this outfit reminds of me of sweets haha! I think it may be because of the colours!

This sweater is actually blue, but somehow it looks grey in these photos! It's so comfy and warm! Ohh and I borrowed it from my lil sis.

I decided to pair it with this skirt because I thought the colours matched together and also because I was desperate to wear this skirt again!

I can gladly say this bag is actually mine not my mum's! Haha! I got it for Christmas years ago and I think it's super cute!

Three reasons why I love these wedges: 

 They're very comfortable
 And they make me taller! 

What more can you ask for in shoes right?! Haha!

 The rose bracelet is gorgeous! I want to eat it...

What I wore-
Skirt- H&M
Sweater- Select
Bag- Lacoste 
Bracelet- New Look 
Shoes- Ebay 

Monday, 24 December 2012

It's Christmas tomorrow! 
I wanted to get all festive in these photos, I was actually considering to hug my christmas tree...but the lighting wasn't that good inside! Ohh! Haha I'm too excited! 

So here's my christmas outfit! I decided to upload this the day before Christmas because I won't have time any tomorrow! Imma be a busy bee! haha!

I'm going to wear this green dress, which has a beautiful detailing on the top, I think it's just gorgeous!

My family love to dress up on Christmas even though were just going to be at home, it's probably because we want to look good on the Christmas photos! haha!

The bracelet I'm wearing is actually given to me by my mama on my birthday last year, I love it.  She passed it down to me after having it for years, it's actually 18K gold! So I'm very terrified of losing it! 
The earring's were given to me by my uncle last christmas, I think it's just simple yet fab!  

Anyways, God has blessed me with so many things this year, I can't thank him enough. He has given me the chance to go back to the Philippines, and see my relatives again after 8 years of being away from them. He has blessed me with great GCSE results, good health, and also amazing people around me, my loving family, super great friends, and an incredibly sweet boyfriend. What more can I ask? I have everything I need! 

So I didn't ask for anything this year, apart from my family all over the world to be safe and healthy...and maybe to go shopping haha! 

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone! God bless! 

What I wore-

Dress-New look 
Earring's-Warren James

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

I think you can tell what's my favourite colour!

I went out with my friends the other day, just to catch up because sadly I don't go to the same college as them. And we quickly went to an alley way to take these photos (Yes people were looking but ohh well!)

I've seen so many girls rock their denim top so well, it made me really want one! But as I don't have the money I decided to just look through my closet to see if I could find anything, luckily I found an old denim dress!

I'm in love with the colour of the denim! But I didn't like it as a dress (that would explain why I forgot about it haha), so I just wore my blue flowy skirt on top of it.

This skirt is one of my favourite skirts ever! I love the way it flows, the colour and the layers of different shades of blue. Don't you think it's just so cute?!

I also wore my white knee high socks with this outfit because I felt super girly that day!

What I wore:
Denim top (originally a dress)-New look
Knee high socks-New look
Shoes- online shop called Chockers

Saturday, 15 December 2012

The other day I woke up and I was feeling creative! So I looked through my closet to find something I could recycle or renovate, I found an old sweater and I turned it into a new knitted skirt!

I really liked how it turned out so I made another one, but this time I also made matching hat and mittens!

I then bejeweled the hat and mittens (also adding a lil ribbon on the mittens) as I thought they needed more glamour!

This was what the sweater looked like before, I actually bought this sweater from the charity shops (thrift stores). I just love transforming something old into something new! 

I would love to say I'm huge fan of designer bags! But truthfully my mum is, she's in love with them! I on the other hand just borrows them (I can't afford them! haha!) however recently I'm becoming more and more fond of them!

What I wore:
Skirt-DIY old sweater 
Hat and mittens-DIY old sweater 
Cardigan-New look
Tights-New look
Earrings-New look
Bracelet- from the Philippines (can't remember where oppies!)

Friday, 14 December 2012

For a while now I've been wanting to start up my own blog, but haven't had the confidence to actually start it. However, I'm here now writing my first ever post!
I started fashion blogging on instagram by taking pictures of my daily outfits, it became something fun, something I looked forward to, it became my hobby. This is why I wanted to continue blogging but not just for instagram to see, but for the whole world.
Blogging is something I really enjoy doing, it's like writing my own personal diary. A fashion diary. (You're reading my diary! Might spill some secrets later! Haha!) it's a place where I can express myself, my thoughts, my opinions, and my style.
This also gives me a chance to write more about my outfits, as every outfit has its stories haha!
However, I'm warning you guys, I'm just starting out which means I'm very new to this!